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Spring is a great time to clean and declutter, yet it can feel extremely overwhelming with so many tasks to accomplish. In an effort to clean quickly, tasks can easily become rushed and skipped, which only creates more work in the long run. Avoid these 5 mistakes for efficient and effective spring cleaning.

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1. Not decluttering first

It’s essential to remove items you don’t need or use before you begin deep cleaning. Cleaning becomes more time-consuming when you’re dealing with more items than necessary. Use the ‘system of 3s’ to clear the clutter by placing items in one of three piles: ‘keep,’ ‘let go,’ or ‘dispose.’ Make sure you have garbage bags and labels ready to go when you begin decluttering for any items that need to be discarded – this helps the process flow with ease.

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2. Tackling too much at once

Cleaning the entire home in one day is exhausting, overwhelming, and nearly impossible if done correctly. Set a schedule and break up the tasks into bite-sized pieces. Consider starting with one drawer or one cupboard at a time if you are feeling very overwhelmed.


Use a physical planner to map out what exactly you’ll be tackling each day. Writing down your ‘to dos’ is a fantastic aid to stay on track and focused on the task at hand.


3. Using the wrong cleaning products

Ensure you are reading labels of cleaning products to ensure they are not damaging your surfaces, fabrics, or your health. Non-toxic cleaners safe around children and pets can be a suitable option for the whole family.

This cleaner is made in Ontario and is safe on all surfaces, and around children and pets. Non-toxic, eco-friendly, and saves space as you can eliminate all other cleaning bottles from the home.

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4. No Storage solutions

Effective organization often requires the right storage solutions. Investing in storage bins, baskets, shelves, and organizers can help you maximize space and keep your belongings neatly organized. Don’t overlook the importance of using the right storage solutions for your needs. It’s always helpful to start with neutral organizing products that can be used in a variety of spaces.

These structured baskets are perfect for toys, clothes, pantry items, linens and towels, paperwork, etc. Can easy collapse and tuck away if not in use.


Clear containment is useful as you can see what you have and will help eliminate over-purchasing. Clear storage bins work well for cleaning supplies, fridge items, pantry, toys, etc.

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Everyone can use a little extra storage in their home, and using unoccupied vertical space is a great opportunity to do this. Great for books, bathroom items, décor, etc.


5. Ignoring functionality

Consider the functionality of your space. Think about how you use each area of your home and organize accordingly. Keep frequently used items easily accessible, and store less frequently used items in less accessible areas.


To ensure items remain in their proper home, label shelves, drawers, and cupboards to remind your whole family where to find things and where to return them.

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Handy for extra backstock storage that does not need to be in prime real estate. Make sure you labels these bins and have an inventory list of backstock items, so you do not over-purchase and under-use.

Megan is a home organization expert and the founder of H:OM ORGANIZING. She regularly appears on Global News Morning Toronto sharing her tips and tricks.

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